Being Sexy outside of "Sundress Season"

Kevin Hart in recent article in November's issue of Bazaar dropped some knowledge. He asked " when sundress weather ends how does a woman look sexy in the fall or winter". And a light bulb went off. Mostly all of the women I know and my friends being the main culprates tell me all the time that they hate dressing in the fall/winter and  prefer dressing in the summer because they look so cute. And so often I want to roll my eyes and say "baby, we all do". Why because during "sundress season" as Kevin Hart calls it we all look good. Why because as he politely said "[sundresses] leave so much to the imagination... When she walks it looks like she has curves no matter what ". What he meant to say it leaves so little to the imagination because we all know that under a sundress there are little if any panties and whether you have a Phaedra donkey booty or little Miley Cyrus joint, those curves that Kevin Hart references are visible because ladies-  it's a little juicy in all of us. The only thing a man is imagining is is what it's like up under the dress and that is what make sundress season aka the summer sexy season for us all. Sorry if some of you just got offended, I'm just being real.


But to be sexy in the fall/winter- I used to hate being called that for so long-  takes time, skill, talent and even self awareness.


In part because unlike the summer maxi - every fall/winter trend does not look good on every body. So you have to know what works for you. Then there is whole concept of layering that is simple in theory and difficult in practice ( read my blog on that here) . But to even ,master layering you have to have the clothes to actually do so. Meaning some time and some effort must be put into finding the right layering pieces. The reason you hate winter fashion is because one you don't have the right pieces and don't have the time, or the skill to acquire them. If you don't have the time then no big deal, online shopping is your friends or services like mine or even trunk club will work for you. But if you don't have the skill well then that is all the more frustrating., but it can still be worked around. You can do like me and research magazines and bloggers and watch runways shows and figure things out by trial and error ( whispers Pinterest is your friend) or again you can hire me or someon like me as an expert- someone who knows fashion and can help you with your style.


Once you learn what works for you it is easy to repeat, but for those who seek immediate answers here are few quick tips to be sexy even in the fall/winter:

1. Wear all black with something leather. Leather is sexy- think Angelina Jolie,Laura Croft: tomb raider, Scarlett johansson in Avengers, or Halle Berry as Catwoman. I arrest my case. 

2.Invest in someting velvet. Velvet is inherently sexy especially in darker colors like navy or burgundy.

3. Wear a pair of boots that make you feel utterly sexy. Whether ankle boots, knee highs, or thigh high boot- every woman needs a pair of boots that make you want to walk around your house completely naked with only them on. This way when you do go to put them on with an outfit that confidence will exude.

4. And don't forget a faux fur, or a real one if you  prefer but there are some really nice fakes out there for those who don't care to drop those kind of coins on a real one. Either way they keep you warm and keep you sexy.



Of course if you are having problems finding or tapping into your sexy amidst this cold weather, you can always reach out to a professional such as myself by sending me an email at   Either don't let the cold be the reason to not get your sexy on.