A simple guide to layering:

Layering is such a key component in fall and winter fashion. It's a simple concept, but more difficult in practice that must be mastered if you are going to master style. Here is my quick guide to layering for those who are just starting out.


1. Start with a simple foundation- I suggest an all black or denim base for beginners. ( I did a boyfriend Jean here)

2. Pick one color or pattern as your main layering piece. Pick it- but don't put it on just yet.  ( I chose this vest as my main, layering piece)

3. Then pick a simple shirt or sweater that you would wear with either of your foundation pieces. Put that piece on top or underneath your foundation.  (Simple shirt with a simple pattern)


4. Now put on your main layering piece(s). ( Put in the vest over the shirt and the varsity jacket over the vest)

Hint: the contrast of the length of the varsity jacket and length of the duster is what brought this look to life. Try adding pieces that vary length today attention to your depth of layering)


5. Add an accessory. No layered look is complete without a layered accessory either a scarf or purse with a long strap or layered neclacke(s). Just add something. (Here I kept is simple and only chose rings and shade but in real life I would likely do a cross body bag to add a final dimension).


And just like that you have a layered and stylish look- that will be sure to get you compliments next time you are out and among friends. Easy enough, huh?

Advance style tip: If you already have mastered this simple form of layering, start experimenting and layering textures like velvet, leather, and faux fur.

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