2017 Thrift Challenge!! The Rules!


I am super excited for 2017 in part because I am embarking upon this thrift for a year challenge where I am only wearing head to toe secondhand for 365 days. But even more exciting is that so many other people want to participate. Thanks to the many people that have signed up and for those of you who are still uncertain seed the guidelines of entry below. I'll be releasing this January's themes on Wed. Let the fun begin!  

Guidelines for Entry:

1. Submission. To qualify for the prizes you must submit 5 pictures for each 7 day interval. You can choose to submit all the pictures at once or to submit them individually per day. While only 5 pictures per week are required,submitting a picture daily only increases your chances at winning , but 5 is sufficient to enter. 

2. Retailed items. Your outfit/look may consist of up to 2 past retailed items. Meaning that any 2 items bought prior to 2017 can be mixed in with thrifted items. Therefore, if you bought a trench from a retail store on Dec 30, 2016 you can wear it as a part of the challenge but if you bought it on January 2017, it can not be worn as a part of the challenge

3. Themes. The themes are optional. While I will be releasing weekly themes each month not dressing according to the theme WILL NOT disqualify you. The themes are intended to be general and are open to broad interpretation. They are meant to help you through the challenge, but should not restrict your creativity. Have fun with them!

4. Newletter. There will be a regular newsletter sent to all participants that will highlight trends, give thrift tips, and share coupon and special places to shop secondhand.

5. Prizes. Each interval will be opportunity to win prizes. 7 day interval participants will have to compete each other monthly. Meaning that each week the participants of the 7 day challenge will be voted on and the top participant will go to the next week and then the participant that is standing after a month will win the prize. The longer challenges will compete amongst themselves. You can enter then challenge as much as you want to over the course of 2017.

6. How to win. Winners will be determined by IG and Facebook likes. Whichever contestant gets the most likes when. Should there be an overwhelming amount of participants, The Working Beauty will choose the top 5 based on creativity, consistency, and least retailed, style, and adherence to rules. Bonus points will be given for themed submission- but No points will be deducted for not participating with the theme.

7. Thrifted items defined: Any secondhand item whether from a thrift store, consignment boutique, or online vendor constitutes as thrift. Also any retail item that was given to you as a gift even if retailed will constitute as thrifted for the purposes of this challenge.

8. No limit to the number of intervals you sign up for. You can sign up for as many rounds as you want to, but once you have won you must allow for one interval to go by without you winning before being eligible to win again.  

8. Should you have any questions email workingbeautythriftchallenge@gmail.com