Say yes to winter white

Yes you can do it. Yes you should do it. And here is how to do it. So there is a such thing as summer white and winter white and guess what?!?! SURPRISE! White can be worn in the winter!!! Or any date after September or all year around for that matter.


Now to be clear there are certain materials designed for winter whites. I would not suggest you wear just any white because some white is exclusively reserved to keep cool in the blazing summer heat and thus would obviously leave you vulnerable to winter's harshness. However, many stores sell white leather and leather is not really practical in the summer so that means you can bust it out in the winter months (additional proof that white can be worn after the summer months).


A winter white must have is a white knit sweater .Find a white or off white knit sweater and I promise your fashion style will sky rocket into one of the best. Of course, I suggest thrifting this for no more than 5 or 6 dollars. It is just really no other reason to pay more unless it is a splurge item which I admittedly did last winter and bought an overpriced knit at Zara. But I have a special affinity for Zara as you may already know and it is cute!


I think people shy way from white pants and skirts in the winter because they just don't know how to wear them without looking and feeling like summer time. But no need to fear winter white  can be your friend. I introduce to you the white pleated trouser. If you love her, she will love you back. Do you remember a different world- if not please quickly Google and maybe even watch an episode or two or three or all on Netflix (all seasons available). Anyways,  one of the main characters and my personal style icon is Whitley Gilbert and in season 5 or maybe 6 her and Dwayne have no money and Whitley who has always been privileged to afford the latest and greatest style trends repeatedly wears a pair of white trousers pants and let me just say she slays every. damn. time. Moral of the story pick up a pair off winter white pleated trousers - I have a pair and I know I wear them at least a couple times a month. And every time I wear them I wear them confidently knowing that I am following in the steps of my style iclon.


  I don't know where the no white after labor day rule came from. Maybe it is cultural or regional, but  where ever its origin if you have embraced it still in 2016 then you need to abolish. Fashion is too liberating to be restrictive of any color in any seasons. Do you plan to wear white this winter? If so submit your winter white looks to for a chance to be featured.