Wearing a 3 piece Suit

Who said wearing a 3 piece suit had to be a jacket, vest, and blazer combo? This  week when I walked into the courtroom- I stopped people dead in their tracks with my rendition of a 3 piece suit. Instead of matching a vest with a blazer as does your typical 3 pic suit for men. I chose to match my skirt with my pants. This was not my first time styling this way, but it was my first time doing the look for myself and wearing it publicly.  And baby! Let's just say the public loved it.

What I love about this look is that besides that it is a refreshing take on the three piece suit, is how practical it is for the winter months. Layering is not just cute, it's necessary to survive the cold. I  for one hardly shave my legs during the winter- sorry fellas or even ladies that may be offended. I just can't bring myself to shave or even really put on lotion with its butt cold outside , but wearing a matching suit skirt over top a matching pant is a great way to play up my femininity and cover myself. I found thrifted the Banana Republic suit from goodwill about 1 yr ago. I didn't even realize that a matching skirt was an option but when I found the skirt two weeks ago In Salvation Army, I knew exactly what to do with it.


So tips on achieving you three piece suit. The skirt and pants do not have to match perfectly. The very idea of the suit is to have coordinating pieces so they would need to be similar to get the effect of the suit, otherwise you synthase funky ensemble but not a 3 pcs. However when styling this model for a shoot, these pants were not same brand as the skirt just similar in pattern which is what you. The pants can be straight leg or wide leg fit depending on your preference. As you can see the model in the straight leg give a more casual vibe and I thing the trouser pants in my suit may be more professional. But you have to do what works for you. Make sure regardless that your suit Janet does not overpower the skirt. Meaning that if you are shirt the jacket should probably not hit below the hips because otherwise the ensemble will over power you and you will diminish the whole concept of the classy, gracefulness, feminine play on a 3 pic suit. So what do you think? Is this something you will try?


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