Print Matching

Print Matching can be quite the fashion challenge. But if executed correctly, it can be so rewarding. You will feel bold, fresh, and chic if you follow these simple rules.

1. Be Confident. Don’t wear anything that you are unsure about. If you do, it will write itself all over your outfit. 

2. Pick up something printed. For this particular post my print choice is houndstooth (I love Houndstooth!) , but yours could be floral, paisley, checkered, stripes, polka dots, abstract, etc. But pick an item, any item in a print that you like that looks good on your body. I chose houndstooth leggings. Which if you like them I have included a link to a similar pair (

3. Now build around that item, by picking another item with the same pattern. Now here is the interesting part- while the pattern should be the same for this trend ( we will talk about pattern mixing in another post)- it need not be the exact same as in if you chose a polka dot crop top then what ever bottoms, jacket, scarf etc. that you choose could be a smaller or larger print of the same pattern. Does that make sense? I sure hope it does, but for those of you who are more visual. I have included a picture. 
I chose to pattern mine with an oversize houndstooth blazer which I love and have had a long time! I thought about parting with it, but then changed my mind. However, if you do like the blazer I found one almost identical to it here: (

4. At this point you have a look and you could just choose to move forward and accessorize, or you could add another dimension to your look by adding a third matching print item. Again the size of the print doesn’t matter even if it’s different from the other two.Or you could choose to add an additional complimentary piece. In this particular look, I did a houndtooth scarf as well. 
Below- I have done both. I chose to put a “vintage” sweater with the leggings and to the right I chose to add an infamous American Apparel body suit. I think they gave to completely different vibes to an otherwise similar outfit. You could also choose to a denim blouse of which I also have picture. 

5. Lastly, accessorize. It is my humble but expert opinion that you should always add a         solid but loud colored non-matching purse. Not a pattern because you already have so much pattern but a loud colored purse opposite any pattern or color combination that you may be wearing sends a clear message of “Look at Me! I’m trendy”. If you are not as welcome to the idea of drawing attention to yourself then perhaps you may just want to add a solid colored black or brown bookbag purse. That still says I’m trendy just not as loudly.

So what do you guys think and what is your preferred look? Do yo like the all matching prints? Is this a yay for you or not?  Let me know. As always, I would love to see you do it.